about me

Welcome to my website!

A little about me

Growing up in the midwest I dreamed of leaving the neighborhood that my parents called home. I travelled a lot with my parents (ugh) and my annoying little brother (double ugh) in a small car across the country without stopping till we get where we were going (SUPER UGGGh). At least that’s what my teenage self would tell you. Really I was a creative old soul, and didn’t mind so much, as long as I had music and writing/art supplies with me. I loved seeing how everyone across the country lived and worked and played. I wrote, read, and drew a lot, and dreamed of doing something big with my budding art abilities.

More about me

I did start out in Fine Arts – studied at the Art Institute of Chicago’s summer program, took private lessons, went to the Palette and Chisel Academy to practice my life drawing skills, all the things that artists should do. Fast forward a few years later, and I found myself studying computer animation at Columbia College in Chicago, working on film sets in art departments (usually), and painting wherever I could. I even did some theater work both on (yes I can sing, but dancing ..eh, not so good….) and off stage where I learned to build sets and props. It took me a bit, but I learned that I loved to tell stories with art.

Where you’ll find me now

I got married and then in what seemed the blink of an eye, we found we’d relocated ourselves across country for my husband’s job and the better weather really. As all awesome careers should begin, mine started with a chance meeting at a brewery tour in Fort Worth …which paired with the skills I had been honing over the years, landed me a job at an airline in Dallas as an illustrator. Then the quiet day-to-day life we’d gotten used to up to that point got upended when we had our baby boy – one of my proudest achievements to this day.

When I’m not drawing at work, spend my free time working on writing and illustrating children’s books in addition to practicing painting and sketching. Most days I’m balancing work, home life, and participating in volunteer activities (P.E.O. and SCBWI) all while living in the northern suburbs of Dallas.


I joined the SCBWI in 2013, while still living in the Midwest. I even attended my first conference “The Wild Wild Midwest” conference where I met many lovely people and suddenly felt like I’d found “my people.” Like me, they loved the art of telling a good story, and even better, they loved telling stories that children could laugh and learn from. Science, history, tall tales and books with dinosaurs that wore hats – that was all allowed. Like I said, my people.

As soon as I found myself in Texas I started attending local SCBWI events. It was great learning from all the authors and speakers they brought in. I eventually got so involved that in 2016 they asked me to become the North Texas Illustrator Coordinator, a role which I was honored (and slightly terrified) to take on. I encourage all those interested in writing or illustrating books for children and young adults to connect with their local chapter of the SCBWI for the camaraderie, learning opportunities, and connections to the publishing industry. North Texas SCBWI